Machine Made Printing Tufted Flat Weave Home Textile
Machine Made

Machine-made rugs can be made of various materials, including polypropylene, nylon, polyester and wool. It’s woven on power looms with fast production and the limited colors creel but show variety of perfect looks.



Mature technology with the morden & vintage patterns, our printing rug enhance the depth of the room making it livelier, . perfectly suited for all kinds décor.


Supremely rich quality fiber are used to our hand hook and tufted rugs, polypropylene, polyester ,acrylic or a combination. The palette ranges from plain neutral to bright pattern, or Kids designs. Browse rugs now to find the rug that is perfect for your home.


Flat Weave

The natural is the best ! Build contemporary and contracted style that occupy the home with new fashion, feel comfortable, naturallife emotional appeal and grade.

Home Textile
To decorate your life ! Choose a pillow for your garden ,a soft throw is perfect decor for the bedroom. Placing the sheepskin fur rug in room,gives your home a luxury taste.